Mother Earth Prayer on 555 gateway day

The below is from Virginia Moffatt – a beautiful prayer for us today and every day – 5-5-5.

“This prayer was given to me some years back to be able to connect back into the consciousness of Mother Earth. If you create in union with Mother Earth the potential will be unlimited.

Prayer to Mother Earth

I am the source of all light.

I have walked this Earth in limitation, now as the Mother reaches out

I embrace her love and accept my rightful place within her care.

I honour her and the gifts that she provides for my soul.

I accept her love that runs through my veins.

I accept her essence as she breathes life into my physical body.

I acknowledge my own worthiness of this gift, as I acknowledge the Mother’s worthiness of my return to truth.

I now stand in the full light of my soul in total union with the Mother’s love.

I accept her support and her care, and I honour her receptive will and desire for Peace.

So be it.”

May all beings find peace and freedom in the embrace of our beloved Gaia Mother Earth.

How not to get scammed

An acquaintance of mine was recently scammed by a caller telling her she owed $97 thousand dollars and that the Australian Federal Police were bugging her phone. She said ‘I kept asking if it was a scam. I half thought it was a scam.’ But she gave them her address anyway, so whoever called her now has two pieces of information to assist in stealing her identity, if that’s what they were looking for. She also said ‘what choice did I have?’

While it’s easy to fall prey to scammers I think we always have a choice to say no when a person on the other end of the phone tells us to do something that is harmful to us. If someone you don’t know rings you up it’s a warning sign to take extra care. Of course, it’s not always easy to be vigilant, especially if you’re tired or feeling low.

My golden rule is that I NEVER discuss financial matters on the phone. Someone telling you you owe a load of money is trying to scare you, so even if it is possible that you have a debt, give yourself some breathing and thinking space to check it out. No-one can arrest you over the phone.

A real debt collector will be able to find you and will usually write to you. Tell a possible scammer that you don’t discuss finances on the phone and get them to provide you with a company name and postal address, their ABN, a contact name, a reference number for the alleged debt and how it was incurred. If you don’t have a pen and paper handy, get them to text you the info – they already have your phone number anyway.

Mostly, whoever is calling will probably hang up straight away, as you are already proving to be too much trouble. Good. If by some miracle they do give you the information you ask for, look them up. Check out yellow or white pages entries, look up the ABN, use the address to search for them. If they are legitimate you will get confirmation.

But why would you have a massive debt you’ve never heard of? Did you co-sign a loan agreement with someone who defaulted? Sometimes women get caught with this one – it’s STD – sexually transmitted debt. Did you ever default on a loan? Or not pay a credit card debt? If so, a legitimate debt collector will be after you.

If there is little to no possibility that you do owe anything then it’s a scam. Don’t give any information, get as many details as possible, hang up and report the scam to Scamwatch ( Then block the number.

Scammers will ask you to pay tax debts using gift cards, but the ATO doesn’t collect money using gift cards, and doesn’t call people. As a government department, they will write to you if you owe anything. On letterhead.

And beware of texts or email saying you have won a prize or money and NEVER click on the link as it will likely install malware on your phone which will harvest information or install ransomware on your computer – it locks your computer until you pay to get it unlocked. Also, make sure you have up to date virus protection and use the latest versions of operating systems.

While social  media is a great way to keep in touch with friends, be careful of what you share, and of your privacy settings. Romance scams are the worst, targeting those who are just out of relationships or marriage. Scammers can spend months patiently stringing a victim along, seeming like the most charming person ever, before pouncing. Basically, if you have never met the person who says they love you so much, best not to hand over any money, no matter how trustworthy they seem. It’s a good idea to have this as a golden rule too – NEVER give money to anyone you only ‘know’ on the internet.

Other useful advice – keep strong passwords on all accounts and devices, don’t use public wi-fi, shop from reputable companies online, avoid sending money by wire transfer, keep account details private, hang up on robocalls as they are never legitimate, and report any suspicious activity to police and Scamwatch.

It’s your money, and your identity, so do whatever you can to look after it, and yourself. Australians lose vast sums every year to scammers, and much goes unreported, especially romance scams. Remember, if it seems to good to be true, it probably is. Don’t let yourself be pushed in to anything that is likely to be harmful to you. This message has been brought to you by your friendly neighbourhood anti-scammer.



Gender and Sex Equality – is it in the stars?

In the past few months there has been a firestorm of news reports about sexism in Hollywood, the #metoo hashtag on Twitter and other social media about (mainly) women’s experiences of sexual assault and harassment, calls in Australia for paid leave for (mainly) women attempting to escape violence from their ‘partners’, deal with violence-related court issues, or to recover from the effects of abuse. Also in Australia there has been the Royal Commission into sexual abuse by religious institutions, and a government ad on television about how disrespecting women starts in childhood with excuses being made for boys bad behaviour.

In October, Jupiter, planet of justice (among other things), entered Scorpio. Scorpio is the sign of death and rebirth, and the sign that deals with power, sexuality and what is hidden. In the 1980s Pluto transited Scorpio, unleashing wave after wave of revelations about sexual abuse of children in previous decades by authority figures of various kinds – religious, educational, family members. Scorpio brings what has been kept under wraps to the surface, to the light, to be seen and understood. It brings the abscesses on our collective souls up to be lanced and healed. But we have to face the pain first, and accept the truth.

At present the Sun and Venus are also in the sign of Scorpio, bringing issues in relationships and our spiritual values within ourselves into focus.

I have been thinking lately about how conditioning works to keep us in outdated social and sexual relationship to each other, and how this starts. For some reason a rhyme I learnt in the 1970s came to mind: ‘Red, white and blue, the boys love you, took you to the picture show and undressed you’. Now the use of ‘picture show’ designates this as quite old, but I wonder if there is still a more up to date version around. I’m sure I don’t have to analyse the sexist content of this schoolyard rhyme, or the entrenched power relationships it reveals between the genders. It’s definitely disturbing.

And there is also the whole reinvention of the wheel around sexist language – why, for instance, when referring to humanity as a whole do so many people who should know better still use the rather pointless term ‘man’? I use ‘humanity’ (a bit longer admittedly), ‘humans’ or even ‘we’ or ‘us’. I suspect many want to make a sweeping generalization and make it sound important, and masculine language has greater authority in many people’s minds.

Another aspect that has been making me think lately is the whole inner relationship between our feminine and masculine qualities: in Astrology the feminine signs are the earth and water signs, the masculine are air and fire. The planets are also given gender: Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are masculine, Moon and Venus are feminine. Mercury is androgynous, and the outer planets all have masculine names, but I would assert that Neptune fits more into the feminine group, with Pluto and Uranus described as masculine. If we add in Chiron and the asteroids there is a more even balance, but I won’t go into that here.

But you can see that we all have a mix of masculine and feminine energies in our makeup, no-one is totally at one end of the gender spectrum. Some spiritual thinkers describe our minds, rationality and mental body as masculine, with feelings, emotional body and intuition fitting more with feminine consciousness.

In the western world it is easy to see which has been more elevated and which has been denigrated and denied, to the detriment of all of us, our entire culture and our planet. As a water sign, Scorpio has a role to play in redressing that imbalance, by helping all of us to be more accepting of our intuitive feelings, our creative ability (right brain) and working in harmony with logic and more left brain functions.

Because nobody has half a brain, or only an emotional body and no mental body. We all need all our gifts, all of our human abilities to function, to learn and to grow, And we need to value all of ourselves, and all of each other to prosper, and to heal ourselves and our planet.

At present there is a lot of focus on ascension, and this is good. It is time to aspire to the next level our human evolution. Jupiter’s transit of Scorpio will help this, by helping us to address the power imbalance between men and women, between adults and children and between institutions and individuals.

I believe each of us in our own lives must examine our conditioned beliefs and ways of being, look at how we relate to others, what we expect of ourselves, what we teach children and what we keep hidden out of shame that we have been abused, or that we have been an abuser. It’s time to speak up, to end the silence, and to tell the truth, no matter how ugly.

After facing the not so pretty facts about ourselves, then we can forgive, heal and evolve, but not if we stay stuck in outmoded beliefs and practices around sexuality, gender relations and power. Scorpio gives us the insight and the power to transform ourselves and our society. Let’s hope we take the opportunities presented. I have faith, a Jupiterian quality, that we will. Who’s with me?



Luminous Spirit

Ok, so I just opened an Etsy shop called LuminousSpirit888. I am planning to sell my Aura Mists and Energetic Imprint Sprays and thought this would be a good way to do it. So, I am excited and a little apprehensive, but I have faith my products are good quality and will be helpful to those who buy them.

I have only got a few listings, but I have led out with three of my favourite creations: Divine Light, Goddess Love and Clear of Fear Aura Mists. I used to make these and several more when I had a market stall many years ago. The recipes have evolved a little, but the principles remain the same. I want to use my Aura Mists to help others create real energetic healing and desired change in their lives.

So, a little bit of information about each one:

Divine Light Energetic Imprint Spray is created to connect us to the Divine Light and Love within and around us, and in every being. It also enhances our spiritual communication with our Guides, Masters and Angels and our development as beings of light.

Goddess Love Aura Mist brings the gift of love and protection from the Divine Mother – the feminine aspect of Source (God/Goddess/All That Is), expressed through Quan Yin and Isis. Goddess Love enhances compassion, self-determination and feminine power.

Clear of Fear Aura Mist is intended to provide freedom from fear of all kinds: niggling day-to-day worries, tension and anxiety, terrors, nightmares and trauma. Clear of Fear surrounds one with unconditional love and strong protection while encouraging the gentle release of fearful thoughts, beliefs and behaviours.

All of the Energetic Imprint Sprays contain flower essences, essential oils and being essences. They are made with the highest quality and purest ingredients, and. of course, with love. They are intended to empower and enlighten us, literally.The Light Within

Winter Solstice

Winter is a time to turn within, to tune in to the soul guidance available to us all. With the Winter Solstice approaching it is a great opportunity to release old emotional baggage, to let go of anything that is dulling your inner light.

Have you noticed issues and feelings arising lately that are indicative of old habit patterns, outmoded beliefs and ideas or unworkable emotional patterns that make you feel trapped in a version of yourself that is from the past?

These arising ‘issues’ are your soul’s way of showing you what needs healing or release at this special time. It’s amazing how apt the timing is, how wonderfully the season and the soul energies come together to present a healing opportunity, a means of personal spiritual growth that is perfectly aligned with the outer experience. As Above, So Below: As Within, So Without, as the saying goes.

Since the Summer Solstice six months ago, the energies have been returning from the heights, we are now almost at the depths, the deepest, innermost part of the year’s cycle, and of our own energy cycle.

What is there deep within you that is yearning for expression? What letting go can you now complete in order to be free to be, to express, more of who you truly are?

As we turn within we can forgive and let go of so much – old pain, resentments, reactiveness. We can clear away the fallen leaves of our old selves and see what is awaiting the return of the light to grow and flourish.

Because in the deepest. darkest depths of winter is when the light is reborn, when the renewal begins.

So, if you can, spend some time in the next few days in quiet meditation, attune to the stillness within, look deeply at what needs healing within you and prepare for the return of the light, in the inner and outer world.

Turn within to see clearly what is arising in your inner being that wants to become one with the outer world…

And remember, we are all one. As Above, So Below: As Within, So Without.IMG_0823

Mercury retrograde comes to an end

Hello everyone,

Planet of communication, Mercury, has almost completed its 3 week retrograde period. Mercury is the Roman name for the Greek god Hermes – the fastest of the gods, and the trickster of Olympus. The planet Mercury rules the lower mind, day to day communication, short journeys and communications technology. Mercury is most associated with the zodiac signs Gemini and Virgo.

Mercury moves into a retrograde phase three times a year. This apparent backward motion gives us chance to review where we have been recently, and to check over our plans and commitments to see if they really suit our higher purpose in life.

One of the complaints people have about retrograde Mercury is the number of communication difficulties that seem to arise. Phone calls and messages go astray, computers malfunction, it’s necessary to check whether you really understand what’s been said to you, or that you have made your own message clear. This is the trickster aspect of Mercury at play.

Communication misunderstandings can point to deeper issues – are we really being honest in our relationships with others? Are there confusions or miscommunications that are causing problems with friends, family, colleagues or lovers?

Mercury retrograde can allow us to clear up these miscommunications and to repair any relationship damage they may have contributed to.

It also allows the opportunity for deeper engagement with our own understanding of our soul’s purpose in this lifetime. It can allow us to really examine if we are happy in our work, or if there is a deeper longing within that is trying to get our attention.

So, where are you, now this phase of re-examination is almost over? Have you heard your soul’s voice more clearly? Or are you still in the midst of chaos and confusion? Luckily Mercury will give us more chances to sort ourselves out and hearken

Bleeding Heart - a beautiful plant - heart and mind united.
Bleeding Heart – a beautiful plant – heart and mind united.

to our inner calling. Stay tuned…

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Welcome to Karen’s Tarot

Hello world,

This is my first blog ever!

I have started this page to share some of my skills and talents with you.

I am a Tarot reader, Flower Essence practitioner, Astrologer, Angel Card reader and Reiki Master (Usui/Tibetan). And I use a pendulum (well, lots actually) to answer questions and engage in energy healing.

I will be offering some free services and some reasonably priced readings and consultations. More information to follow soon.

Anyway, love and Angel blessings to everyone.

Today’s card:

Ace of Earth from Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine’s Angel Tarot. Looks like a good start! Abundance and prosperity is the blessing today.

The inflow of abundance. A promising business venture.
The inflow of abundance. A promising business venture.