Mercury retrograde comes to an end

Hello everyone,

Planet of communication, Mercury, has almost completed its 3 week retrograde period. Mercury is the Roman name for the Greek god Hermes – the fastest of the gods, and the trickster of Olympus. The planet Mercury rules the lower mind, day to day communication, short journeys and communications technology. Mercury is most associated with the zodiac signs Gemini and Virgo.

Mercury moves into a retrograde phase three times a year. This apparent backward motion gives us chance to review where we have been recently, and to check over our plans and commitments to see if they really suit our higher purpose in life.

One of the complaints people have about retrograde Mercury is the number of communication difficulties that seem to arise. Phone calls and messages go astray, computers malfunction, it’s necessary to check whether you really understand what’s been said to you, or that you have made your own message clear. This is the trickster aspect of Mercury at play.

Communication misunderstandings can point to deeper issues Рare we really being honest in our relationships with others? Are there confusions or miscommunications that are causing problems with friends, family, colleagues or lovers?

Mercury retrograde can allow us to clear up these miscommunications and to repair any relationship damage they may have contributed to.

It also allows the opportunity for deeper engagement with our own understanding of our soul’s purpose in this lifetime. It can allow us to really examine if we are happy in our work, or if there is a deeper longing within that is trying to get our attention.

So, where are you, now this phase of re-examination is almost over? Have you heard your soul’s voice more clearly? Or are you still in the midst of chaos and confusion? Luckily Mercury will give us more chances to sort ourselves out and hearken

Bleeding Heart - a beautiful plant - heart and mind united.
Bleeding Heart – a beautiful plant – heart and mind united.

to our inner calling. Stay tuned…

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Welcome to Karen’s Tarot

Hello world,

This is my first blog ever!

I have started this page to share some of my skills and talents with you.

I am a Tarot reader, Flower Essence practitioner, Astrologer, Angel Card reader and Reiki Master (Usui/Tibetan). And I use a pendulum (well, lots actually) to answer questions and engage in energy healing.

I will be offering some free services and some reasonably priced readings and consultations. More information to follow soon.

Anyway, love and Angel blessings to everyone.

Today’s card:

Ace of Earth from Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine’s Angel Tarot. Looks like a good start! Abundance and prosperity is the blessing today.

The inflow of abundance. A promising business venture.
The inflow of abundance. A promising business venture.